Year of the Water Dog

This is the year my Viet sister was born in. I guess that’s why I picked today to correct my Day 1 post, explaining WHY I’m doing this “Year of the {element} {animal}” thing. I’m sure I explained it somewhere else, when I actually STARTED doing it, but I’m too lazy to go find that. 😂

Still catching up, but I’ve let my apartment get to out of whack. So, I need to do some cleaning first, THEN get back to other things.

Catching up

  • One more DEFNA item to take care of
  • Correspondence that I need to reply to.
    • I didn’t forget about you Jay!
    • One other thing that’s unannounced

Moving ahead

  • Picking up where I left off in Chapter 3 of Obey The Testing Goat. My goal is to finish that Chapter today Didn’t happen yesterday.
  • I want to clean up and re-present the code snippet I posted a few days ago, especially since Trey talked about it yesterday on the Weekly Python Chat. But that may, realistically, have to wait for tomorrow. Although tomorrow’s also PyWeb Houston, so, we’ll see.

Now, let’s see what REALLY happens today! I’ll update before I go to bed.