Year of the Metal Water Buffalo

I’m starting another “30 Day Github challenge/100 Days of Code” type thing. I have that in quotes and say “type thing” because I probably won’t follow the exact rules for either. I’ve got a couple of issues with each. THAT may get discussed in a later blog post. It could be of interest to people. I also may want to do a different period of time, based on prior experience or my own quirks. For now, I can tell you what I WILL be doing:

  • Pushing at least one commit/day to Github (I want to use it’s visual contribution tracker)
  • At least 30 days
  • Code, comments and blog posts (since my blog lives on Github) all count, but I’m trying to minimize days with ONLY blog posts. And a blog post only day needs to be a technical post about a development issue I’m dealing with.

That’s what I’ve got for now. My next task will be getting my custom domain pointing here, instead of

In sadder news, my Vietnamese sister’s dad passed away today. So, I may somehow incorporate my feelings on that into this code challenge. We’ll see. It’s all still pretty new. So, my code challenge is 60 days, to represent the 60 year cycle used in East Asian calendars. I’m starting on the year he was born in, linked at the top of the post: Metal Water Buffalo.

To Do List for 2017-09-11

This is what I’ll start, not what I’ll finish.

  • setup my custom domain
  • Change time display on posts to ISO-8601 format
  • Gain a better understanding of Jekyll Front Matter and Front Matter Defaults
  • Look into setting up Drafts. Not sure if I want them or not.
  • Configure my timezone. Doesn’t seem ENTIRELY necessary, but seems like a good practice.
    • Learn more about how Jekyll is configured in general