Year of the Metal Dog

This is the sign I was born under. 😀👍🏾🐶

At the meetup

Today was another busy day (as tomorrow will be). We host our local Python meetup at the office where I work. That’s tonight (I started this post before the meetup, as shown in the timestamp), so I’ll be at work later than usual.

Home and getting ready for bed.

I’ve been reading the Jekyll docs, so I can learn more about what I can do with it. I’m glad I worked out the code highlighting yesterday. I’m reading the section on posts now, but I had to jump ahead to linking to posts in the Templates section to learn how to make the link to yesterday’s post in such a way that it won’t break. Still LOTS to learn. I’m also looking forward to learning more about Liquid, as templating languages are a weak point for me. It’s an ongoing process. And I’m planning to document that process (along with other stuff I learn) here.