About Me

I’m Kojo Idrissa. You may have seen me at a Django or Python event or conference. I’ve got an accounting degree and an MBA. I started my first software engineering job 2015-12-01. I’m also a DjangoCon US organizer and DEFNA board member. Also, other things

More to come.


I’ve started my 2017 Spreadsheet talks with a “motivation” section. It occured to me it would be better to commit that to writing, point people to it, and cut the time on my talks.

I got serious about becoming a software developer, focused on Python, in late 2012. I say that because I’d learned Git during the summer of 2011 while working with Drupal (there’s a bit of a story there) and had even made some small commits to Drupal Core. But October or so of 2012 was when I decided, “Ok, I’m gonna learn me some Python for REAL”.

Jump ahead to June or so of 2013. I’d taken a Python course on Coursera.

My Role in the Python Community

  • Grow the community & bring non-programmers into the fold