Year of the Wood Snake

A short post today. After work, I went to the first part of the funeral services for my Vietnamese sister’s dad. I’ll be a little busy with it Friday and Saturday too. The “‘Challenging’ is Relative” title speaks to the fact that no matter how tired I am from today, my sister and her family lost their father or husband. Today was MUCH more challenging for them than for me. I know that from experience.

I did a little reading on Front Matter, which provides metadata for Jekyll posts. I don’t FULLY understand how it operates (it’s YAML, I know how THAT works), so I’m doing some experiments.

categories: [code challenge, test post, testing] in the front matter gets this post put into a code challenge > test post > testing directory.

My prior posts have categories: code challenge in the front matter. That gets them put into a code > challenge directory. I’m wondering what’ll happen if I change the front matter in ALL my prior code challenge posts to categories: [code challenge,]? I’ll just try the one from yesterday: Day 4 of 60: The Challenge and The Plan.

Ok, that moved it into the code challenge directory, which is what I was after.

I’ll explain this in more detail another time. Maybe tomorrow? For now I think I’m gonna change the front matter on the other code challenge posts to make them consistent, then head to bed.