Year of the Fire Horse

Short post today. I’d done some reading about date formatting in Jekyll. Which is REALLY how it works in Liquid, the templating engine that Jekyll uses.

I prefer standards wherever possible, so I use ISO 8601 for dates and times when I can (or when I remember). So, I’ve had the dates on the homepage and individual post pages show up in the LONG format, but I wanted a shorter format on the home page. So, I made the change earlier today.


For some reason, I’m getting a WebFaction error page if I view my site from OUTSIDE my home network. So, I need to look into that. The odd thing is, it’s not a “cached” version of the site, because it SHOWS the code change I made earlier today. So, I’m confused. I’m gonna push this post to see if what I’m seeing (on my laptops connected to my home WiFi) shows the post. Looking at the site on my phone (I’ve turned off the WiFi and am using LTE), I get a WebFaction “site not configured” page.

I has sads.😭