Year of the Wood Goat

It’s been an interesting day.

The Houston Astros had their parade today, after winning the World Series. And the Overwatch World Cup Quarter-finals started today as well. I’m not a HUGE baseball fan, but I do love me some Overwatch, so I’m watching that. The Astros got THEIR “World Title” (despite the fact that there are, what, 3 non-US teams in MLB?). Now we have to see who gets the Overwatch World Title. S. Korea (대한민국) is the favorite. They play the US in the last game tonight, to see who goes to the Semi-finals!

UPDATE! France just beat China! So, they’ll face the winner of US/S. Korea.

I’m starting back at Three Strikes and Refactor, but I’m not sure how far I’ll get tonight. Since my sleep improvements are an ongoing thing, I don’t want to stay up too late. I’d rather be up early tomorrow and get back to work then. We’ll see what happens.