Year of the Metal Horse

We’re 1/2 way through!!!

I got to work today to find out a co-worker was unexpectedly unable to go to the Rice Data Science Conference, which is today and tomorrow. We’d already paid for the ticket, so they asked if anyone else wanted to go in his place. So, I went. Because, of COURSE I went to a conference.

Part of the great humor in this is I’d JUST recorded an episode of Productivity In Tech podcast with Jay Miller YESTERDAY, where we talked about me going to conferences. I listed the conferences I’d gone to and was going to in 2017. So, THAT episode was out of date in about 16 hours!

I might have a conference problem. But at least I’m not speaking at or organizing this one in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM!

Lots of interesting stuff today, and tomorrow’s a full day. That includes a talk by Yulan, who I got to hang out with today. We know a bunch of the same people and have PROBABLY met before, but never really hung out until now. She’s giving a talk I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow after lunch.

In code news, I’m realizing I should probably write some sort of script to help automate the process I’m using to move my #inktober images from Dropbox to Jekyll. And THAT reminds me that I should probably start logging my, “I need to write code for this” ideas here on the site. My Projects page could use some love. I guess it’ll have to be home to “Active” and “Completed” projects? Who knows?