Year of the Earth Goat

It’s easy to make plans, then move forward without acting on them. This evening I’m working on Chapter 3 of Obey The Testing Goat, but I’m also remember the other things I need to work on. Some of those may have to wait until this weekend.

  • Get a better understanding of why and how things like Base64 text encoding are used, so I can write a post about it
  • Get going on updating my die-rolling app
  • Updating my About, Projects and Presentations pages
  • I’ve got some DEFNA responsibilities to attend to
  • I had a few of different things I pushed back because of Hurricane Harvey and my Viet sister’s dad’s funeral. I need to catch up with those

Onward and upward!

Update 2017-09-28 21:08

I decided to stop early for the night and pick up with “Django’s MVC, URLs and View Functions”.

I also took the time to figure out how to add a new variable to the post, update, so I can show the update time and format it the way I want. I may tinker with that and make it a permanent addition to the post layout. I’m learning, slowly but surely!