Year of the Fire Dragon

One of the MOST important skills you can have as a developer is reading and interpreting error messages. Sadly, it’s a skill overlooked by most people looking to become developers. Here are some errors I got last night…hmm…wait a minute…

Sidetracked: I have to figure out how to do a thing

Realizes he’s not quite sure how to add static images

Goes to figure it out

Realizes he commited a cardinal sin by hot linking to an image on Day 12

Makes a mental note to fix that and write a post about it

Ok, so guidelines for inlcuding images are in the Writing Posts section of the docs. I’m able to understand the docs, I just have to make some choices. Also, if I ever say “this seems straight forward” or “I understand” and someone reading this DOESN’T understand, feel free to reach out to me. I’ve got people like Jeff to help me with Jekyll if I need it. But everyone isn’t so lucky. So, if you’re reading this, I guess you’ve got me? I’ll do what I can.

goes off to make choices and add images

Back to our original topic

Ok HERE are some errors I got last night: Liquid error messages

I got the error because I was trying to link to to a post named 2017-09-20-day13_60 (Day 13, Sep 20th, 2017) from within the post (Yesterday’s post). A quick bit of math tells you that if Day 13 was Sep 20, Day 15 couldn’t be Sep 24. I made a type. The link should’ve been to 2017-09-22-day13_60.

So, why’d the error show up so many times? Jekyll rebuilds the static site each time you change a file. So, each time I hit save, it regenerates the site. I’ll include another picture of the locally-running process, so you can see how often I save a post as I’m writing it. It’s a lot. Also, if this

So. Many. Saves.

So, why’d that error show up so many times in the FIRST picture? Because I hadn’t noticed it and didn’t check the link until I’d saved the file a bunch of times. But since that link didn’t work, the rest of the page didn’t render. I think I’ve already got too many screenshots in one post, but I may show you all that one another time. The GOOD news is: Jekyll seems like it won’t let you make TOO many mistakes.

Good night!