Year of the Earth Monkey

I’m still trying to work out the format of these posts. I’m sure it’ll keep changing until I find something I like.

Today I went and looked at some of the code I wrote during another code challenge I did. I may use some of those ideas during this one. ONE thing I learned is I did NOT know how to properly form Markdown in those days. So, I cleaned some of that up as I read through files and was reminded of ideas and updated progress on some of them. I actually DID some things I’d planned to do in the past! I had a note about wanting to contribute to Python Core and I’ve done that, thanks to help from Mariatta.

I’m also going to start working on turning my die-roller app into a tutorial. I need to clean it up, flesh it out and document it better.

Today was a slower day. I took the time to rest and relax. No more funeral-related activity, but my sister’s family will be dealing with her father’s death for awhile. Just like the rest of Houston will be dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.