Year of the Water Cat


HUGE thanks to the Lady Boss Nicole who helped me get this worked out. DNS issues were a MAJOR point of frustration, but it’s done.

NOW I have to figure out some stuff as far as categories, which will impact directory structure. But that’s a task for tomorrow evening, I think. Just finished a 3 mile walk, now it’s time for a shower and bed.

To Do List for 2017-09-13

What I’ll start/consider, not what I’ll finish.

  • Gain a better understanding of Jekyll Front Matter and Front Matter Defaults
  • Configure my timezone. Doesn’t seem ENTIRELY necessary, but seems like a good practice.
  • Learn more about how Jekyll is configured in general. There HAS to be a tutorial video I can watch. But I think their docs are pretty good too. Don’t go TOO far down that rabbit hole right now
  • Define some parameters for this code challenge. Figure out what other projects I’m gonna work on and how long this challenge is gonna be.
  • Play with the time display on posts and the home page. I’ll probably want different variants of the ISO-8601 format on the home page vs. individual posts.
  • Look into setting up Drafts. Not sure if I want them or not. Leaning away from it at the moment?
  • Make note to self: gain a better understanding of DNS