Year of the Water Tiger

So, followed the instructions here and I THINK I got the DNS setup to point my custom domain at this blog. But, it takes time for DNS to propogate, so it may be awhile before I see the result. I only did it about 30 minutes ago. I’ll see what’s going on in the morning.

I THINK I’ve figured out how to update the date format in this theme. Let’s see if what I try works…

goes away to type things in editor...


The fundamental instructions are here, as it involves overriding your theme. You don’t want to edit your theme. The gem-based themes for Jekyll (it’s written in Ruby, not my usual Python, and that’s what they call what we call “packages” or “libraries” in Python) are stored in a different location than your Jekyll directory.

So, to change your layout (defined by files in the _layout directory in your theme’s gem directory), you create an empty _layout directory in your Jekyll directory, then add the files you want to override. In my case, I copied the home.html and post.html files, which control layout for the home page and the individual post pages. While they’re HTML files, they’re really templates. More details on what those are and how they work later.

So, as an example, from the _layout directory I made in my Jekyll directory, I ran:

cp /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/2.4.0/gems/minima-2.1.1/_layouts/home.html .

For those not familiar with Linux, that copies the home.html file in the minima-2.1.1/_layouts directory to ., which is the current directory. And the same again for post.html

Then I edited how those files display the date based on values I found on this site. I’m using date: date_to_xmlschema as my filter. But I noticed that date_to_xmlschema gives a slightly different format. Hmm… I’ll probably adjust this a bit more later.

I’ll do a more comprehensive writeup of this later. I’ll try to include some screen shots. I NEED to install the tree command on this laptop too. I think I can do that with Homebrew. It’s kinda late now (2017-09-11 22:35) and I’m trying to head to bed soon.


Well, I did SOMETHING wrong with my DNS. My redirects to (which was a Djanog app on WebFaction). But NOW, it says it’s an unconfigured WebFaction page. So, I’ve overlooked something. :-( But I’ll have to look at it in the morning and probably find some help. As I post this at 2017-09-11 23:36, my isn’t visible. :-(

To Do List for 2017-09-12

This is what I’ll start, not what I’ll finish.

  • Figure out what’s going on with my custom domain
  • Play with the time display on posts and the home page. I’ll probably want different variants of the ISO-8601 format on the home page vs. individual posts.
  • Gain a better understanding of Jekyll Front Matter and Front Matter Defaults
  • Look into setting up Drafts. Not sure if I want them or not. Leaning away from it at the moment?
  • Configure my timezone. Doesn’t seem ENTIRELY necessary, but seems like a good practice.
    • Learn more about how Jekyll is configured in general

Night all!