Nov. 30, 2015, 6:49 p.m.

5-Mile Bar-B-Que Diet

This is mostly for Lacey, as she, Adrienne and I were discussing our exercise routines...and the problems they may present.

So, I USED to have a routine when I lived in College Station. I lived at the TOP of a hill and there was a McDonald's at the BOTTOM of said hill. So, I figured, if I rode my bike there and back, that was SURELY enough exercise. But this was years ago and I've since evolved. :-)

More recently, I've used what I call my 5-Mile Bar-B-Que diet. Here's how it works:

  1. I found a good bar-b-que place that was about a mile from my house, walking "counter-clockwise".
  2. I then found a "clockwise" walking route to said bar-b-que place that took 4 miles.
  3. I'd then walk the clockwise route TO the bar-b-que place, buy bar-b-que, then walk home the counter-clockwise route. After 5 miles of walking, I'd eat my bar-b-que.

I'm "open sourcing" this (in other words, I'm telling people about it), so feel free to modify it with your own local food places. Let me know how it works! Leave a comment! :-)

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